I arrive home from Kenya on April 27,2015. It is now May 20. I have not left my room. God. What is He doing with me? God, and I talk a lot together. Some times my mind goes off thinking about other things I can’t control. Then I say God……

God, this is bigger than me, God…… why me, why not YOU! they thought I would’nt amount to anything BUT God…… It’s seems like the more blessings come way, the more I am alone. Is that what God does, keep you hidden until the work is done. God has way of moving people out my life.
Then I say God…. Then He says, I got this!
The ministry has been a lonely place in my life, and it’s going to be a lot more lonely times. You never know what alone is until you are alone, I mean alone. Just you and God, and you pray dear Jesus keep my mind. Every new level, I am broken even more. God breaks me down, so far down I can’t move, I can’t talk, all I can do is PRAY.




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