I sit in my prayer room, looking out my window, watching the sun come up, getting up 3:00 a.m, teaching myself how to speak Swahili. So I can be able to communicate with my friends and others in Kenya. My home is quite, you can only hear the air conditioning running, and the birds singing at dawn. I pray, and sometimes I cry all day long. Why? Life takes so many turns. And when a shift takes place, it’s a hard thing to deal with, when its unexpected.
God has always been with me, even as a child. Life storms, can either make you, or break you. Kenya is waiting for me. My life was mess up, before God put the vision in my heart. I want to please God first, sometimes I mess up, but God doesn’t mine, he loves me. I sit and I look out the same old window. I have been looking out this window for over two years now. This window is not my friend anymore, it has become a dry place. The flowers, and trees not moving, know wind blowing.

I talk to God all day long. Most of the time, I just keep silent, my mind doing nothing…..
When you don’t know, just keep still, and pray! He’s a very good listener. I want to live, I want to live!!!!!!!

I WILL!!!!




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