JANURARY 1, 2015

imagePondering what to write, my head is racing. Some moments thinking, some moments praying. Asking God what can I say to his people. Trying not to say anything about me. But it has to start with me, to reach His people. Sitting in front of my TV, am not really watching it, I’m thinking of God’s people. I prayed, and I hope today is truly a Happy day for you. No! Not new cloths, not a new get high, not things, But a new mindset. Wanting to improve, understanding that life is not perfect, having the strength to go on.
We live in a world, where people believe that nothing at all can happen to them. But everything happens to everyone. So stop feeling sorry for yourself. I listen to other people problems. I share mines from time to time, if I feel it can help someone. You see, we need to stop being so holy, and reach out to people that are hurting. This year there will be know more struggles for me. God has proven to me, he has everything in control.
I want to be better, and live peacefully, enjoy my grandchildren, travel the world with my girls, while doing ministry. You see, ministry is my life, nothing else matters, but doing Gods will.. What matters  to you? Drinking every day, until you can’t walk, getting high, and you can’t remember what you did last night. This is not life. Why waste your life away. I’ve been there, and I have done that! GOD is everything I need.
All I can say is, don’t look back, move forward. It’s hard, but you can do it with a made up mine. Yes, the struggles are rough, and it hurts. We must let go of  things in our lives, to get where we want to go!
I don’t know why is it’s so hard to let go of the people that hold us back, and do us wrong. It’s because we are afraid of being alone. I have over come LONEINESS, but sometimes it creeks back in. I have to pray, and ask God to move it.  What seems real, is not real at all.
I want to let the world know, you can make it if you put your time, and trust in the lord! Be not discourage, Joy comes in the morning.

Move pass, the past. Seek God, and he will make your day brighter. He did it for me. Even in the battle, I have found JOY. This joy I have, man did not give it to me.




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