imageI have the heart to always help others. But sometimes, I have to ask, did God say this, or it’s just something I want to do. I have find out in the past, moving ahead of God, has left me in a pit situation. In ministry we have to know when to pull back, and when to release the blessing of God. He is the one that gets all the Glory!
I have made mistakes, that I thought was right in my on mind. We have to learn when to give. To many gifts always makes a Person forget about, what there purpose in life really is. I can say this. I have been through it.
I pray that God always, reveal things to me. It’s a small voice inside of me, that just won’t stop nagging at me, telling me is this God or YOU!
The ministry has ups and downs, and some hard knocks, that has kept me on my bending knees. I will make sure, I will listen to GOD voice this time. I never want go through the pain, I when through getting this ministry started again.
It’s all about building the kingdom of God. When we do this, Blessings will be added.

I won’t let nothing destory the ministry, not even ME!


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