imageI have been thinking about Kenya. Asking God to be with me on my next trip. God has been faithful in his word. My daughters, they come to me with a lot of stress from there jobs. Working for other people, can be just down right draining. I always let them know, God is on our side. Life is not a bed of roses, living this life is not easy.

God, He knew what kind of life we would have the day we were born into this world. I use to get upset,and worry about every little thing,  I found out as time went on, and has I got older, life can be a big mess, if you don’t watch how you live it!

People my call me a JESUS freak, but let me tell you this. It was only JESUS that saved my life. God is sooooo awesome, He is my presence help in the time of trouble. There is no one in this world can make me  feel better, love me better, than God!

I want to make a difference in other people lives, we were born in this world to serve God, to love and give to people that are needy.  I am proud of  THE TEACUP MINISTRY. It is so wonderful to have a ministry that truly loves God’s people. I will never really be alone in life, because I am aways reaching out to make the world a better place for others to live in.





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