Prayer is apart of me now. Running to friends, making phone calls is not going to solve my problems! I have been watching, listening, and praying. I love to talk to Jesus and ask questions about my life, and how to go about doing things His way and not mines. Prayer is seeking Gods face. Watch has well when you pray. Listen to what people are saying. When people are talking, you don’t always have respond. It is good to be silent, and listen to the talkers. You can learn a lot this way. 

All my blessing that have from God, they came from me working in the back ground. You don’t have to be seen to be bless!


Most of the time people talk sooooo much, they don’t remember what they say, the last time they spoke to you, now they are saying something totally different than the last time. So this makes them dishonest. I have notice most of the dishonest people are in church. It makes know sense to me.

God is my life. With Him, I don’t have to watch, all I have to do is PRAY AND LISTEN!



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