I love looking back at the pictures and stories I wrote, traveling from USA to Kenya. The mission work God gave to me, has a lot to do with KENYA. Has I sit on my bed in Africa. I sometimes wonder what is God really up to. I have been in KENYA come MONDAY March 24,2014 one month. Now God is blessing me to purchase land to build a children’s home. I want us to be a loving family. Who ever God should give me, I want to do my best to love them, and let them know JESUS lives! I have been alone in my room this go around in Kenya, seeking Gods face more. Hearing his word, listening to is voice. Studying his word. Meditating all day long, even through the nights.
I love Kenya, and all God have for me here. I miss my family so much, I get sick to my tummy sometimes. But I pray, and ask God to fill that void. Mission work is living lonely. I don’t have a team yet. I guess God says, not now, it’s just you and me. I cry sometimes, but not as much as I use to. When look out my bedroom window from the fourth floor. It really hits me, I would say WOW, I am in a far away land. Africa!!! It is only God that brought me here. I want to Plis God, with my best. It seems I have been a little down some days, when it’s time for me to leave Kenya, I always feel unease, or just sad. Well I have not written on my blog for awhile, I needed to release my thoughts. So now I take nap. And pray for my safey back to USA.

Living, loving, and doing God’s will
Is not easy, it can lead to depression
If you don’t stay pray up.



3 responses to “LOOKING BACK”

  1. I missed u so much I’m glad u r back love u ♡♥

  2. U have blessed so many ppl and I pray that u had a good time God bless u O’Keefe call me my number is 786 383 5854 I wanna know how it was.*^▁^*

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