I have always been there for my family and friends, through the years. I love making others happy and giving a hand in the lives of God’s people. My daughters are all grown up now, so it gives me a great opportunity to love and help others in need.
Life is wonderful, when you are doing what God have ask of you. I have been drain for over a year now getting the ministry on its way. Now I will say this, there is a time in ministry you have to really listen to God’s voice, when he says keep still. I believe in my heart, there’s a shift in the atmosphere waiting for me to go to another level in the ministry. I was bless today at the park, a young lady gave me the first seed for teacup Ministry, it has been one month, since my return from Kenya. I didn’t have to beg, she just walk up and gave it to me, and said to me, when I have extra money I will plant a seed into the ministry always.
This is God working in my behalf. He has been telling me. Don’t move. I will provide for you.
I believe God wants me to rest now, and let him do the rest of the work. I have done every thing God has ask of me. I left my family, I sold my value things, I gave up my life, to make others happy. I did it, yes it felt great to know that, I can live, and be happy without things.
The Lord is on my side. Nothing in this world, not family, not my best friend can make me destroy the vision God gave to me. My family is apart of Africa. We have planted seed there. We will carry the work out for The Lord. It’s hard to make a Change in life, but if God is in it, nothing can stop it.
It’s easy for me to move on, when I have to. I love God more than anyone in this world. No one comes before Him.


The Teacup Ministry Inc.
Reaching The World
Through Jesus Christ
In Kenya


One response to “GOING TO THE NEXT LEVEL”

  1. Regina, I love your inspirational messages. I thank God for reconnecting us on Facebook today (November 12, 2013). I pray that God will continue to bless you with the financial resources you need to carry out the mission He’s assigned you in the United States and Kenya Africa. Much love my sister.

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