I love writing early hours in the morning. My thoughts are very clear, and my mind and heart is listening to what God is saying to me. The TeaCup Ministry Inc. is a blessing to others, and looking for ways to do mighty works for God.
God has bless me with this ministry, there nothing to say about me, because the ministry belongs to God. I have been through highs and lows, sometimes drowning in tears, and drain from working the ministry alone here in the USA. When God is for you, who can be against you. The world belongs to God, and he will take care of His people. There are a lot of haters, and jealousy since the ministry has been birth. I don’t know, what it is about doing Gods work, that makes people so jealous. If we are all working for The Lord, why are you so jealous of others hard work.
Ministry is about doing the right thing, for the kingdom of God. We are all suppose to help one other, to build the body of Christ. It is so sad when you can’t even trust the next man to help you become all that you can be, to be a blessing to others. In this world, I have find out that people are not going help you make it.
Living for God, is what I do. Every step I take, it is for Jesus Christ. I live to please The Lord, and not others. Taking this GAINT step, to believe that God will bring everything together, has made me stronger than ever. Living for The Lord, is totally depending on him to meet every need for the Teacup Ministry Inc. People do every thing they can to hinder the work of Jesus Christ. What I don’t understand is, how can they go against God’s work. And they suppose to be working for The Lord also. I write on my blog, to be a blessing to others, and to release my feelings, and emotion. I love doing God’s work. How can others say they love God, and yet do what ever they can to keep you from raising to the level that you need to make things work for the love of Christ. If we are doing a great work for God, why can’t we all work together?
The ministry that God has bless me with, I only live to trust in Him, and not man.
I will stand on the Word of God. His word will never change. Please if you have any question, ASK GOD, about anything pertaining to your vision and ministry, take it to The Lord in prayer.
If you have a dear friend, that will help you through, hold on to that friend. Jealous is like a pile of ants, they work together very well.




2 responses to “LIVING TO PLEASE GOD!”

  1. I stumbled across your fb page and was drawn to read some of your post. I must say that a lot of what you express is what I am experiencing yet I just take it to the Lord in prayer. I admire your strength in the Lord and hearing your testimonies about his faithfulness in your pursuits to follow your heart and go it alone. It is encouraging to me to hear of your journey at a time when I am seeking Gods Will and Purpose for my life. I am at a Place? That I know God is revealing something and I need to hear. Being Still and knowing that he is God.
    Thank you for your heart felt confessions and sharing your journey.
    Blessings in Kenya and in all the World.
    In Christ our Lord,
    Alesia Bethel

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