I have been in Africa now for almost one month, there is not enough words to say, our wonderful i have been love, by everyone. I will be here for 6 months, I’m waiting on God to do many great things with teacup ministry. Life here is different from USA, but my choice is to leave in Africa through out the rest of my life, and to bring my daughters one day to work along with me in the ministry. God has been good to the teacup ministry, it’s takes lots of patient and praying and Fasting. To do this kind of work for God. I am happy to be apart of Philips family in Kenya, I have never felt so much love in my life. I mean true spiritual love from God.
Philip is my best friend in this whole world, I’m over Joyed to have him in my family also. We work together side by side. Nothing in this world can make me leave a family that love me and my daughters so much.
I have always ask God to give me a family, for me, and my girls. He did just that.

My daughters and I are bless
We now have Kenya.


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