Yes. I have a family in Africa. In all my life I never thought that, God will give me a family in Kenya. It’s true, God has did something no man can do, or undo.
You see that guy, at the right of the picture, that’s mutua Philip. And the deputy CEO of the ministry. Yes. God has even started a ministry in Africa.
I have tons of journals, that I wrote to God, talking to him and letting God know, the desires of my heart.
I will never turn my back on Kenya, it is and honor to know this family. Not everyone from USA can say, I have a loving family in Kenya. We all love each other very much. And it started with my best friend in the whole world.
To sum it all up for you. If you pray, and pray from your heart. I don’t care how long you think it takes for your blessing to come. It will come. You must do the unspeakable, that is if you want to achieve your goals in life, you must move others out of your life, or they will become a tumbling block.
I will tell you the truth, it was not easy moving people out of my life, that I love so much. I even think about calling them sometime. I refuse to hang out with others that are saying they are turning over a new leaf, but is still whining, and doing the same thing.
Moving on and making changes in my life, was not easy. Now that I have started, I see the change is for the better, nothing in this world can stop me. When God has assign you to do His work, theres no devil in hell can stop it!
A worded for you, set a goal for yourself, and others, never be selfish, and when you reach the top, don’t forget where you come from.

A special thanks to my friend, and deputy CEO, of the teacup ministry.

Mutua Philip, May God bless us both
Reaching The World Through
Jesus Christ


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