I love nature. Nature is apart of God’s creation. Mommy duck caring baby ducks. Wow! This so beautiful. They don’t have to worry about anything, all tuck in, save and loved.
Life is not the picture prefect, that we see here. But we can over come some of things in our life, that might make us sad, or wear us down. We all want to be love in the right way, we want life to be smooth sailing, no pain, no disappointments, no set backs, NOT SO.
We must love God First. We say we Love God, but, in reality, we want others to love and fulfill, every need in our life. NOT SO.
Only the love of God, can take away, the pain in your life, fill you with his love. God love is not like our love, he is not a man.
We must try harder to focus on the great things in life, and stop crying about, things we can’t control. I want to be stronger in the lord, I want to trust in him for everything. God can lift you up, over and over again.
Shelter me lord in Your loving arms, carrying me Jesus, You will never let me fall. O father in heaven you are so wonderful. I’m your child, and I love the way you carry me.

Dear, Jesus I love you, Thank You For carrying me in the storm.
Reaching The World Through
Jesus Christ.


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