God said, let there be light, and there was light. I am proud to have walk the mother land. I thank God that I have the Spirit of Africa in me. How many Americans, go to Africa, and come back with the Spirit of Africa in there soul. The spirit of Africa was in my soul, before I got there. Being in Africa, has made be hungry for it’s land. People say Africa is bad, the land is good. When you know Jesus, nothing is bad, any good can come out of the bad.
When I think of Africa, I think of new life new breath, I will live in Africa, I will grow old in Africa. I will have life in Africa. What ever your heart desire you can accomplish it. Pray, and ask God to bring it to past.
There’s nothing in this world will change my mind, about the ministry being in Africa, and through out Africa.
God chose me to do a great work in Kenya.
Pray, and ask God where he wants you to be, to make a difference in someone life. I pray that God uses you for His purpose in Jesus Name.

Reaching The World Through
Jesus Christ.


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