Its monday and you have the Monday Blues. Is it because you ate something very sweet before going to bed, or you were on the phone last night talking down on your job, and about the people you work with. O, it could have been church, looking for church to be encouraging, and up lifting, but instead the people in church act the same way the people on your job act. Everybody is talking, talking about nothing. So Let me give you my secret on want I do. Now I’m not saying you have to do what I do, but it works.
Life is a circle, you got to know when to fall off from people that just love to be miserable all the time. People that go to church on sunday, they are looking for a change in there lives. They go to church, but they are looking in the wrong place. They are not trusting in God’s Word.

We must come to understand, people can not help us. Only the true Living God, can make us feel better about ourselves. MONDAY BLUES is the worst way to start off your week. That means by the time Wednesday gets here, you will still be feeling down and out.
Try to focus on good things . Don’t join in the bad talks on the job, or in church. It only makes you mad at the world. I love MONDAY. You can to, just pray everyday, for the Spirit of the Living God, which is JOY!!
Reaching The World Through
Jesus Christ


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