This is what happens when you talk against, your friends and family, you kill them, and curse them with your words. Yes you can kill a person with unkind words. I have made mistakes in my life killing people with my words. God has taught me, To sit in my silent room, alone with him, to connect with him in the spirit. Unkind words can really do damage to a person. I want to be like a dove. I feel sad to see this little bird lying there, and the other is crying out for him. This picture can say a lot of things. But this is what it says to me. Stop killing people with words. I will hate to lose someone over something I said. Life is very short. I want to do all I can, When ever can, and as best as I can. Let’s love, like Jesus love, love is unconditional. We must love, and not kill with words.
Reaching The World Through
Jesus Christ


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