After I left my house to take my daughter to school, I always give her a kiss, and tell her to have bless day. Then I stop at the park, and I go jogging. I love to jog in the morning, it opens my mind up for new creative things for the ministry, and it also relaxes me.
Theres a older woman, that walks at the park also. We have been friends now for two years. She is 83 years old, and we pray together whenever prayer is needed.
I’m not one to let anyone pray for me. When I’m in need of prayer, I go to God and I ask Him ? Jesus who shall, I have to pray for me, your daughter is in need of prayer. Well, this older woman that prays for me, does not no how to pray in English, because she is Spanish. She speak English, but she tells me, you know, I like to pray in Spanish, because my English is not to good if I pray in English. She says to me, if I pray in Spanish, I will not make any mistakes.
I said, this to my 83 year old friend. You have a relationship with God, and I know you love Jesus, I have a relationship with God, and I love him too, just pray for me. I have experience, each time she have pray for me in Spanish. Her prayers brought life back into me.
I love her so much. We prayed on the park. She always cry when she prays for me. And when she pray, I feel God at work in me. She is the most powerful 83 year prayer warrior I have ever met. God put her in my life, I’m so happy we meet in the park and pray. And when she is finish praying for me. She’s only about 4 feet tall, I’m 6’1′ she looks up at me and shes says, don’t worry, God is going to give it to you. And she smiles, and then tells me now go, I must finish my walk. And then I kiss her on her forehead, and I leave with joy inside of me.

The Teacup Ministry Inc.
Reaching The World Through
Jesus Christ


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