Its 1:30 in the morning, I have been on my knees through out day, sometime three times a day, and all through the night.
I don’t mine kneeling to God in prayer, sometimes I lay flat on my face, and cry out to the lord in prayer. If the holy spirit leads me, I will lay flat out on the floor in church. Yes, it takes that for me. This is why, I love Apostle MG church, it is a church, where you can really go to the throne of God to get a breakthrough.
I have spent most of my life praying for others. Now I would like to pray for me, and nothing comes out. I kneel on the side of my bed, and just say Jesus, help me on this journey. I have thoughs of giving up, saying to myself , why should I do this? You can go back to your own business, just like other people do, don’t care about anything in this world, just go back to your everyday life. ..
God is so good to me, I have always had a heart, to become a part of people lives in a special way, that is pleasing to God. God said, if I be about his business, he will be about mines.
In ministry, there will be growing pains, and disappointments. It means, ministry is not perfect. You must be able to stand all the trials that you will go through while doing ministry.
There was this young man, that pop up on my wall, on fb. He said to me, That he saw that I was in Africa, from Apostle GM PAGE. He said, that God had told him in the spirit, I always think, that I don’t do enough for Gods people, and that he will keep me in prayer, and he reminded me, that I was doing a great a work For God, and he ask was I working in the supernatuarl. I told him, the first project is done. To God be the glory!
You see, that’s what I love to do, is pray for people, and if God uses me to lay hands I do that also. Praying and doing Gods work, is truly what makes me happy. So when things look like they are not moving in the direction you would like them to go, it does not mean that God as forgotten about you. All those blessings and prayers, that God told you to do for others is not in vain.
I am a MIGHTY WOMAN OF GOD! I don’t care how mighty we think we are, you will have to kneel and pray about everything. I’m a praying woman. God has never let me down, God does not make mistakes. He is not a man. So I say to all the lady’s, KNEELING IS A HEALING PROCESS! IT HELPS YOU TO STAND.

God bless you, and remember, God work is never DONE.

The Teacup Ministry Inc.
Reaching The World through
Jesus Christ.


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