What is love ?
Who needs love ?
Why shall we love ?
I have fine out that life does takes turns all the time. Most people think they know what they want and they don’t. I going to be honest, sometime, I want say the hell with this world, and the people in it.

But, thats where God steps in, you are a new creature in Christ, without Jesus there is no love for anyone, not even yourself. Most people wonder why they can’t love or even feel anything for someone else.
Life is living in a glass house, praying everyday that nothing hits it, because if it does, all is in pieces. Wants its broken into small pieces, theres no way of putting it back together in your on strength. People take your heart and they play with it, and when they are finish they throw it out.
This is why you must love those that hurt you. Loving those that hurt you. Will bring blessing in your behalf. I know it is hard loving people that reject you, and think they have not hurt you at all. Life is a merry-go-round
Its up to you to get off. Life never changes its just different people. God is able to bring you out of any situation. If you let go. And let God. I have been weak. But God has make me strong, Don’t let rejection ruin your life. Instead of going down, move up. When I’m hurting, I work harder at my goals in my life. God put people in our lives, to make us stronger to do His will.

What love is? Love is reaching out to others that need love.
Who need love? We all need love.
Why shall we love? Jesus is love, the Bible talks about love, I will be a miserable person all my life, if I didn’t give love. Love is what most people are missing. You can only give true love through Jesus Christ.
Reaching The World through
Jesus Christ


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