I thank God for all the things he has been doing in my life, and my children. I know for a fact, my blessings come from Praising God, and believing God will work. I don’t let anything get in the way of my praise. I want to show God that I love him so much. God is everything to me, not just mere words. I have my moments, God shows up in my praise and worship, and he gives me peace in the mist of the storm. God has been doing things in my life, that I know it was only him, that brought the blessings.
I love going to Church, its something about getting up going to church, that makes my soul at peace. Life has taken new levels for me now. Its very important that I do the work of God, and not man.

Jesus is the answer for everything in my life and yours. Never let anyone steal your peace, and if they do, learn to sake it off. I will never let anything stand in the way of me and God.
Jesus is my life, without him I’m nothing. I don’t pretent to be anything except me. God works on me everyday. I love who I am, I do love others. Jesus is love. The word of God is what set us free.
I promise God when he started blessing me, I would not get the big head. I will stick to that promise. I’m here on this earth to bless others, and God will bless me. I will keep my eyes on the marker, and I know just where it is. God wants us to have, and he surely wants to bless us. I thank God I’m in that number.
You can be to, if you let go and let God. No one is perfect in this world. STOP TRYING TO BE.


The Teacup ministry Inc.
Reaching The World

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