When I was preparing to go to Africa, It was not something that just pop up in my head. I have a wonderful friend in Africa, we met on a church website. Not knowing that we would become the best of friends (Spiritural friends). Not only did I fly 17 hours to meet him, I also met his wonderful family that God put in my life. It has went to another level. Now I will be doing missionary work there, and guess who will be doing it with me, my friend who lives and knows about his country.
People should not say things about africa, if they have never been there. Africa is a beautiful country. The people in Kenya greeted me with so much love, I felt at home. My friend took me around, so that people could meet me. He took care of me very well, I enjoy eating all the different dishes.
Africans are very proud people, how I know this? I was with my Kenya friend, Mutua for three long weeks. I also spent time with some of the kids.
Everytime you say mission work, people think you are with a team. I did some research, and I didn’t really want to be with a team. In my heart, I felt God was telling me to make difference in a loving way. I could have put up a picture about this story, but I felt compel to use this picture. Why ? I look at myself has this APPLE, because I had faith in God to do what he ask me to do. I was not afraid to go alone. The green leaves around this one apple are the wonderful people, that I got to know and love the three weeks I was there. Being alone in Africa, was the biggest Faith move, I have ever made in my life. So many people said, the worst things to me about Africa. I’m glad I was not with a team. It is a place I want to help, and make a difference in others life. God can make everything alright, where ever you my be in this horrible world. I have made up in my mind, never listen to man, but to listen to God’s voice. I pray that God will grant me all I need for my journey back to AFRICA. I miss my new find friends in Kenya. Africa is a beautiful country. Its a place I will make my home.

Trust in the lord for your vision, stand strong and forever prayerful. You have to love Africa, to know Africa. Theres so much I want to do and learn, Africa is where my heart is.

The Teacup Ministry Inc.


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