It’s been raining all night, and all day, the rain started about 2:00 a.m in the morning. Most people don’t like it went rains, they say it’s very depressing. I love the rain, I look out my window, watching the way the water falls from the sky and shower down on the flowers and trees. God is so awesome, he takes care of every living thing on His earth. Do you know flowers and plants are living and breathing just like we are. Flowers love sunshine, and they need water to. God create everything just the way he wanted it. I love the rain, I sit back with my cup of tea, and look out my window, and then I look up at the sky, and say God, I know you are up there some where. But I really know you live in me. I love to feel the presence of the lord. He can shower on me with His love, and feel me with is unconditional Rain.
Rain on me, with his loving Spirit. Make it rain with your love, so I can shower your people with love.
I don’t mind if it rains, it just lets me no theres a rainbow somewhere.

The Teacup Ministry inc.
Reaching The World Through
Jesus Christ


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