This a flying peacock, this is so beautiful. God is so awesome, in everything He does. I mean, this is something watch. It would have been nice to see this in real life, than on photo. WOW!
When I look at this, it lets me no, that God is all powerful. I have seen a lot of bad things in my life, now I want to enjoy seeing the beautiful creation of this world. Jesus made us all to be beautiful in His image. He knew just how he wanted us to be.
We must stop trying to be like someone else, putting people before God. Don’t make a person your God. I don’t care about being with the clicks. Why? The clicks talk about each other also. They having saying, all birds of the same feather flock together , but eagles fly alone. Be different, and fly high. You don’t have to be a eagle to fly high. I love flying high, it lets me know, that I can make if I try, it’s takes a very strong person to fly alone. In life, you have to get by yourself to accomplish goals in your life. I learn the the hard way. Flying alone does not mean you are really alone. The Lord God is always with you, every step of the way.

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Today was a good day for me. I was upset about something, I just couldn’t change. And I finally said to God, please JESUS give me the power, to give you the power,to take control of my situation. We give to much of our time to other people ACTIONS. I want be able to let go of the things that hinders progress in my life. That means people, places, and things. I want to be in a atmosphere of positive, and loving people, that want to feel, and experience the love of God in there lives. Not just talk it,but walk it.
It’s hard trying to get a person to see what God is doing in your life. How do they know, that God did not tell you this. I’m so sick of the the people that say, that they love you, but say the most awful things to make you feel you can’t do anything. I want God to help me look over what they think or say. People that have a problem moving ahead, they don’t want you to move ahead. They are so DAMN JEALOUS. I mean, its just crazy to me, that a person would put so much afford into telling you, God did not say this, or tell you that. Please if you don’t want to move forward, then don’t knock me.
I’m never going to stop NOW! I have gotten a real taste of what it is to work, and make your dream come true. I thank God All day, letting him know, it is Him that give me the great ambition and hunger to do His will. For all my HATERS THAT SAID I WILL NEVER MAKE IT. IT WAS GOD THAT SAID I WILL.

Climb the highest MOUNTAIN, and when you get to the top, SHOUT, GOD DID IT!

The Teacup Ministry Inc.



The Teacup Ministry Inc.

I have been working hard at trying to accomplish goals in my life. It has not been easy getting the ministry started. The Teacup Ministry started from my home. It’s been a long lonely road, working at what God wants out of me. Yes all the people said, things behind my back, that was fine with me. I love my haters, all it did was make me work harder at what I wanted to do in my life. God has been with me every step of the way. Crying nights, praying. Fighting my demons, and everyone else’s that said, I wouldn’t make it. I have the Gift of Faith, now I put it into ACTION!
I’m never going to turn back. I have been stress. Depress, loss of weight, can’t even taste my food. Yes, it’s been HELL, trying fight off every demon from the pits of HELL trying kill the vision God gave to me.
You must push for your goals in life. I’m older than most people think I am. But thank God he took care of me. Know sleep, for 3 or 4 days. Getting up in the midnight hours praying for Gods people. People need to take there mouths off others, you never know what a person have to go through, before God releases there blessings. I have been focus on the same thing for 8 months, saying the same prayer for 8 months.
You just have to keep saying it, and believing it. Keep saying it, and keep believing it. I’m saying you got to press for what you want. For all the housewives, you can get up and do the things you desire in your heart,.
Please don’t LISTEN TO PEOPLE. You will never make it. Be strong and lean on The Lord, he will help you through. Take a stand and keep standing, when it looks like it’s not going to work. You have fight even harder. Don’t stay stuck!

I pray NOW, the mighty name of Jesus, that God Block every hindering Spirit in the mighty name of Jesus! Step out on Faith, and put your Faith into ACTION and see God work!

The Teacup Ministry Inc.
I love all my Blog Readers
Be Bless.




God has been the only one in my life, that I can truly go to, and say, lord I need your help. I have been in some awful pain at times, wondering if I will every be the same again. The people that live in this world,there are many, they really don’t care if you are hurting or not, they just want to dig a hole deeper for you to fall in. It does not matter what a person do to me, anymore.
I sit in my room all the time, reaching out to Jesus, letting him know, I couldn’t live without him. I want to be such a blessing in others lives. That means breaking me, Piece by piece. It not easy pushing your self aside, for people that really don t care anyway.
How can I tell God No, God has heal my body more than once, he has kept food on table. I want to please God, in everything I do.
He’s the one who supply all my needs. How can I say No, when he gives me peace, in the midnight hour.
God is every thing to me. I will say Yes, to His will and ways.
Dear lord, let me always remember, there’s never a No, Teach me everyday to say, YES LORD, I SAY, YES LORD.




Why is it that people don’t want to love?
Why is it that they don’t care about you?
Why is it they only see there way and not
Why is it that life is made up with so many different people, colors, shapes looks, hair…. But yet we all have the personally of Jealous, envey, strife, worry about who’s going to get on top. Cutting the other brother down. I love you, but your action are different, words are just words, what about the action behind it.
Why, why ? People are so selfish, wanting what there’s and yours to. True love is not being selfish. That’s not love at all.
You will never truly know how to love anyone, if you don t have Christ in you. Jesus is love let him enter into your heart. So you will know how to love others. Ask God To help you in the area of love, so you can share the love of God with others. Love is not selfishness.

Please Jesus help us not to be selfish, and help us to give, with a loving heart.

I Love you
The Teacup Ministry Inc.




Start your day off by rejoicing in The Lord. Don’t go into work with the wrong attitude. SMILE, let everyone see, that you are the light in the room. Never let them see you down and out, or hate your job. Life is like a Merry- go-round, same mess all the time. Create your on surroundings, focus on the positive things of life. Pray and stay focus. Praying to God, is the only way to keep focus on life.
For every situation you are going through, theres’s a prayer for it. So enjoy your first day of the week, don’t focus on the navgative, focus on the positive. Be spiritual feel with the Holy Spirit, which lives in you. Weeping my endure for a night, but JOY COMES IN THE MORNING.

Have a good week.
The Teacup Ministry Inc.




I fine myself praying. And asking for something much bigger than me. So weak from fasting and praying. But God keeps me. Can’t sleep, always praying and praying. Dear God, grant thy request thy servant has made. I have been saying the same pray over and over for 8 months. Crying , praying, fasting, lost of taste of food. Can’t even drink water, why? I want this so bad, I want God to move in my situation.
I have finally come to the point in my life, where I really hunger for the ministry to go beyond where there’s know point of return. I don’t want go back to the way it use to be, I want great things to happen, I must press harder now that I see what God is doing in my life.
If I turn back, It’s all dead, this is my season to do all I can do, to make everything come together, for Gods people. O God I see, all your good works, Father in the mighty name of JESUS! open up doors no man can close. Be my presence help!
I love to drink tea, and look out my bedroom window, and see all the creation that God as make on this earth. All the crawling creatures, the beautiful different flowers and plants. In winter they all die. As winter goes away the flowers starts blooming again. There, I see one little blue flower peeking out from all the dead leaves. I sip my tea, and say to God I’m like that little blue flower peeking out, getting ready to flourish, and and do mighty works for You.
Dear God, let me always remember even in a dark situation, there’s aways a lamp shining from afar.

Waiting on The Lord can always be difficult at times, but God knows what is best for us, in every situation. So I look out the window, as I sip my tea, and say lord have your way with me, I SURRENDER ALL TO THEE.

THE Teacup Ministry Inc.




I have four girls. And when they were small, I taught them how to pray, not a bed time prayer, but prayer the reaches God in the supernatural.
I have taught them how to defeat the enemy at a very young age, so now they minister to other young friends. I have told them, you will never make it in the this world without Jesus. he is the source of the your very breath you take. Without Christ you are headed for DEATH ROW.
I teach them how to war in the spirit ram. My four girls at a tender age was calling on the name of Jesus. I let them know, you have to pray for everything, and I mean everything. Have family time with your children. We always sat on the couch and disgust what ever we were going through. No, they didn’t open up to me all the time. But with prayer, they started sharing everything with me, because they new after a time, God would show me what they was doing anyway. It is very important that you pray with your your children. Don’t you want them protected? Only God can do this, not you. Be open with them, a lot times you can not reach a child, it is only God that can help you reach your child. Four GIRLS was not easy to raise, being good mother was not easy, because of my background, it was God who show me how pray with my kids, laugh with my kids, and cry with them.
It was God that show me how to be the best praying mom on this side of the earth. I am prayer, there’s nothing left in me but prayer. You must teach them about God, and the love of God.
All my girls pray together, they live together, and they are happy together. They plead the blood of Jesus over there lives, and they lay hands on there situation. I let them know, I can’t help you in your pain, but I can pray with you. Now my daughters are all grown up. I don’t have to worry about them. They know how to to pray and reach God all by themselves. God has made a way for me to help others in need. Teach your children to pray, prayer is the only thing that works.
Take the time and pray with your child. Having a spiritual connection with my daughters is the most beautiful thing a mother could have. That is the greatest of all.
God Bless
The Teacup Ministry Inc.




I can remember years back, and not long ago, I was such a cry baby, know wonder God could’nt use me. I was always filling the bucket up with tears.
Sooner or later you just have to stop crying, and trust in The Lord to do His will in you. To be a mighty woman of God, you really must give up your life. Standing in the gap for others. Being a mighty woman of God means, being alone,and doing for others, and not expecting anything back. Let the world know, I’m a MIGHTY WOMAN. I KNOW WHO I AM IN Christ .


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