Yes, I’m far from being perfect. I’m happy to be in the fellowship, with others in Christ. But, it makes it real hard to fellowship with believers that walk around, thinking they are prefect and have know problems.
When you become, a believer in Christ Jesus. The only way we are going to Win Souls, is to be honest about things that happen in our Lives. Most Christians cover up there mess, and point there fingers at others, instead, of pointing it to themselves., saying yes, I was liar, cheat, and I did some stuff. When I think about it, it was only God that brought me out!
Being in the household of faith does not mean, you walk around thinking, you are better than anyone else.
I don’t want to be in the churches anymore. They have become, the lying churches, The cheating churches, the worldly churches. Churches are ran like clubs, playing around with one another. They are not seeking God’s face, they are seeking after each other. Some churches, I have encounter in my life. They don’t want the presence of God. They want the presence of lust, jealous, strife, envy and all the characteristic of the human flesh!
OK, I’m not perfect, At least, I can say to others, yes I have issues to. If we are going to be leaders for Christ, we must tell our testimonies also, to help the other person cross over.
You don’t have to be perfect to get the job done. We, has ministers, much set the recorded straight to other people, that we fall sometimes also.
Don’t walk around has though, you don’t have problems. When you do this, you truly can’t win anyone over to Christ Jesus. We must be ready to encourage, and love. Most of all be true. I have lots of fruit. Because, I tell the true about my life. God wants us to Save Souls for him. He does not, want us walking around has if we are Gods.

Remember: we are tools at work for Jesus Christ, making sure, every tool is use for the right problem .

God Bless
Don’t be afraid to share YOU.

The Teacup Ministry Inc.


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