I want to share all of the blessings
You’ve given to me with others
Loosens my grip when I grasp them to tighty.
I will experince joy when I Share what I have with others

I have seen many people that have come into my life, in the past, and future, they hate giving with a passion, has if they were in love with not giving.
I have a heart to give, and lay my life down for a person, that is, in need. Some people are born with gift of giving, true giving comes from the heart.
I pray, to The Lord, please JESUS don’t ever let me become a non-giver. We must love and share the wonderful blessing that God has bless us with.
I’m going to be honest, I don’t want to be around anyone that does not have the Spirit to give. You can not do Ministry, and not be a giver. I just don’t understand all these title holders in church, don’t even want to help the less fortunate.

O GOD, when you do GREAT things in my life, as a missionary , let me always be a giver, always meeting the needs of the people.

Be loving and giving, you will be bless for all you do for others.

The Teacup Ministry Inc.


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