It’s 5:00 in the eveing in the great USA. I was feeling kind of low this past couple of days. Just so sick of fighting with the enemy. I’m not that holy, that I don’t fall to the flesh. People can really get under your skin, and make you want to say things to them, that will break a wine glass. I’m so sick of being around people that have know life in them. They are the most miserable souls, I have ever encounter. I mean, they are so caught up in your life, they forget about there’s.
Jesus die on the cross for us. Why does people think that Jesus is still on the cross. Wrong. We must work on ourselves every day to be able to conquer the the enemy. I’m happy I can go to God, for every situation. Joy is on the inside. Joy is saying, I don’t care what it may look like, God will handle it.
I want joy in my life. The only way to feel this kind of joy, is through Jesus Christ. Joy all day long, know matter comes, I have joy!

The Teacup Ministry Inc.


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