The broken heart can be stitch back together, however, surgery fixes what is broken, but it does not heal a broken heart.
The shattered heart, is different, the pieces are broken forever, beyond repair. Left with pain that only you can feel. Jesus suffer pain. The heart pumps blood through out body, but it is Jesus that puts life into it.
It is not the heart, that feels many things, it is the soul that hunger for what it needs. Your soul is who you are, the heart is what speaks to the soul.
My heart is broken, but my soul is joyful in The Lord. Even when the heart is shattered or broken, and it’s beyond repair, only Jesus can do the work on the heart, to make it work, in the way He wants it to work. God can heal us even in the darkest hour. Jesus will step in, and heal you everywhere you hurt. He is the power, to your joy in life. He has wonder working powers. The power to raise a dead man from the grave. What is aching in your heart, God is a GREAT HEALER!
People will break our hearts, but God, rescues us in is loving arms, And say, I love you, come lay all your heavy burdens on me. Rest in my arms, joy comes in the morning.
It’s been raining all night into the early mornings. I look out my window, to see the wind blowing the trees, swinging side to side, water running down the road like a small river, the rain hitting against the window pane. All of the pole lights are on in the street, so I can see through my bedroom window very clearly. I said to God, O how GREAT you are. Surely if you can do all these things, you can heal my soul to speak to my HEART.

The Teacup Ministry Inc.
God is a great Healer of
The Heart.


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