NOT FOR ME! When are we going to let go of man made days, I use to be so excited for valentine’s day. Until those rosés got smaller and cheaper. Let’s not talk about the candy, you know, the ones with the white inside, every drug store have them. I’m so sick of getting cheap love, marriage is fine, but the husbands must do there best if they are going to hand over gifts. It’s been years since I got candy and flowers, I’m all grown up now, I don’t need this stuff to make me feel important. When my relationship grew in Christ, and I felt the love he has for me. Gifts and things was done away with me. For some reason my husband thought I needed these thing to make me feel complete. Not so! I have JESUS in my heart, he makes me feel like no other. I give him all my heart, and He teaches me in return to give true Godly love. I have move away for this tradition. It is not special in my life. I’m more focus on heaven than anything and and showing people what true love is about.
Your love is not out of a box of candy, or a card. Most cards are lies. Look at your valentines card and see if it adds up with your real life. Be happy in The Lord and he will surely give you the joy that you need in your life. Be content in who you are and nothing of this wicked world.

My love is for all of the people, that never felt what true love is. JESUS

The Teacup Ministry Inc.


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