When I first started the teacup Ministry page, I would always put a ladybug photo beside a verse in the bible. If you look up what a ladybug means, it says a lot of different things, most people say good luck, some say spiritual.
I myself don’t believe in either. I love the name ladybug, I like the way this bug shapes, and the spots are so perfect on her shell. It is just a soft looking insect to me. I love to glaze at it for long periods of time. It amazes me, how they sit on a leave or flower. I love Gods nature. The beauty of this ladybug, and it’s soft like look can bring peace of mind while sipping on a cup of your favorite tea, and reading a devotional book. I write a lot of different testimonies, but sometime I like to let my readers know there’s another side to me, than just church folk. I love looking out my window, watching the sun come up. These last days, it’s been a lot of fog, in the morning. All the same, it is lovely, to see the mist, and the clouds hanging low,
We must not depend on things in this world to makes us happy, or content. It is the spirit of God, and the beauty in this world, he gave us to enjoy. I love myself, God taught me how to love ME! So I know how to love others, in the spirit of God.

The Teacup Ministry Inc.
God Bless You, love you.


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