Today was a good day for me. I was upset about something, I just couldn’t change. And I finally said to God, please JESUS give me the power, to give you the power,to take control of my situation. We give to much of our time to other people ACTIONS. I want be able to let go of the things that hinders progress in my life. That means people, places, and things. I want to be in a atmosphere of positive, and loving people, that want to feel, and experience the love of God in there lives. Not just talk it,but walk it.
It’s hard trying to get a person to see what God is doing in your life. How do they know, that God did not tell you this. I’m so sick of the the people that say, that they love you, but say the most awful things to make you feel you can’t do anything. I want God to help me look over what they think or say. People that have a problem moving ahead, they don’t want you to move ahead. They are so DAMN JEALOUS. I mean, its just crazy to me, that a person would put so much afford into telling you, God did not say this, or tell you that. Please if you don’t want to move forward, then don’t knock me.
I’m never going to stop NOW! I have gotten a real taste of what it is to work, and make your dream come true. I thank God All day, letting him know, it is Him that give me the great ambition and hunger to do His will. For all my HATERS THAT SAID I WILL NEVER MAKE IT. IT WAS GOD THAT SAID I WILL.

Climb the highest MOUNTAIN, and when you get to the top, SHOUT, GOD DID IT!

The Teacup Ministry Inc.


One response to “YOU CAN’T CHANGE PEOPLE”

  1. “Love It”!!
    Love you 😀

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