The Teacup Ministry Inc.

I have been working hard at trying to accomplish goals in my life. It has not been easy getting the ministry started. The Teacup Ministry started from my home. It’s been a long lonely road, working at what God wants out of me. Yes all the people said, things behind my back, that was fine with me. I love my haters, all it did was make me work harder at what I wanted to do in my life. God has been with me every step of the way. Crying nights, praying. Fighting my demons, and everyone else’s that said, I wouldn’t make it. I have the Gift of Faith, now I put it into ACTION!
I’m never going to turn back. I have been stress. Depress, loss of weight, can’t even taste my food. Yes, it’s been HELL, trying fight off every demon from the pits of HELL trying kill the vision God gave to me.
You must push for your goals in life. I’m older than most people think I am. But thank God he took care of me. Know sleep, for 3 or 4 days. Getting up in the midnight hours praying for Gods people. People need to take there mouths off others, you never know what a person have to go through, before God releases there blessings. I have been focus on the same thing for 8 months, saying the same prayer for 8 months.
You just have to keep saying it, and believing it. Keep saying it, and keep believing it. I’m saying you got to press for what you want. For all the housewives, you can get up and do the things you desire in your heart,.
Please don’t LISTEN TO PEOPLE. You will never make it. Be strong and lean on The Lord, he will help you through. Take a stand and keep standing, when it looks like it’s not going to work. You have fight even harder. Don’t stay stuck!

I pray NOW, the mighty name of Jesus, that God Block every hindering Spirit in the mighty name of Jesus! Step out on Faith, and put your Faith into ACTION and see God work!

The Teacup Ministry Inc.
I love all my Blog Readers
Be Bless.


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