God has been the only one in my life, that I can truly go to, and say, lord I need your help. I have been in some awful pain at times, wondering if I will every be the same again. The people that live in this world,there are many, they really don’t care if you are hurting or not, they just want to dig a hole deeper for you to fall in. It does not matter what a person do to me, anymore.
I sit in my room all the time, reaching out to Jesus, letting him know, I couldn’t live without him. I want to be such a blessing in others lives. That means breaking me, Piece by piece. It not easy pushing your self aside, for people that really don t care anyway.
How can I tell God No, God has heal my body more than once, he has kept food on table. I want to please God, in everything I do.
He’s the one who supply all my needs. How can I say No, when he gives me peace, in the midnight hour.
God is every thing to me. I will say Yes, to His will and ways.
Dear lord, let me always remember, there’s never a No, Teach me everyday to say, YES LORD, I SAY, YES LORD.


2 responses to “HOW CAN I SAY NO”

  1. Loving your post for sure.
    Love you šŸ˜€

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