Why is it that people don’t want to love?
Why is it that they don’t care about you?
Why is it they only see there way and not
Why is it that life is made up with so many different people, colors, shapes looks, hair…. But yet we all have the personally of Jealous, envey, strife, worry about who’s going to get on top. Cutting the other brother down. I love you, but your action are different, words are just words, what about the action behind it.
Why, why ? People are so selfish, wanting what there’s and yours to. True love is not being selfish. That’s not love at all.
You will never truly know how to love anyone, if you don t have Christ in you. Jesus is love let him enter into your heart. So you will know how to love others. Ask God To help you in the area of love, so you can share the love of God with others. Love is not selfishness.

Please Jesus help us not to be selfish, and help us to give, with a loving heart.

I Love you
The Teacup Ministry Inc.


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