I fine myself praying. And asking for something much bigger than me. So weak from fasting and praying. But God keeps me. Can’t sleep, always praying and praying. Dear God, grant thy request thy servant has made. I have been saying the same pray over and over for 8 months. Crying , praying, fasting, lost of taste of food. Can’t even drink water, why? I want this so bad, I want God to move in my situation.
I have finally come to the point in my life, where I really hunger for the ministry to go beyond where there’s know point of return. I don’t want go back to the way it use to be, I want great things to happen, I must press harder now that I see what God is doing in my life.
If I turn back, It’s all dead, this is my season to do all I can do, to make everything come together, for Gods people. O God I see, all your good works, Father in the mighty name of JESUS! open up doors no man can close. Be my presence help!
I love to drink tea, and look out my bedroom window, and see all the creation that God as make on this earth. All the crawling creatures, the beautiful different flowers and plants. In winter they all die. As winter goes away the flowers starts blooming again. There, I see one little blue flower peeking out from all the dead leaves. I sip my tea, and say to God I’m like that little blue flower peeking out, getting ready to flourish, and and do mighty works for You.
Dear God, let me always remember even in a dark situation, there’s aways a lamp shining from afar.

Waiting on The Lord can always be difficult at times, but God knows what is best for us, in every situation. So I look out the window, as I sip my tea, and say lord have your way with me, I SURRENDER ALL TO THEE.

THE Teacup Ministry Inc.


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