I have four girls. And when they were small, I taught them how to pray, not a bed time prayer, but prayer the reaches God in the supernatural.
I have taught them how to defeat the enemy at a very young age, so now they minister to other young friends. I have told them, you will never make it in the this world without Jesus. he is the source of the your very breath you take. Without Christ you are headed for DEATH ROW.
I teach them how to war in the spirit ram. My four girls at a tender age was calling on the name of Jesus. I let them know, you have to pray for everything, and I mean everything. Have family time with your children. We always sat on the couch and disgust what ever we were going through. No, they didn’t open up to me all the time. But with prayer, they started sharing everything with me, because they new after a time, God would show me what they was doing anyway. It is very important that you pray with your your children. Don’t you want them protected? Only God can do this, not you. Be open with them, a lot times you can not reach a child, it is only God that can help you reach your child. Four GIRLS was not easy to raise, being good mother was not easy, because of my background, it was God who show me how pray with my kids, laugh with my kids, and cry with them.
It was God that show me how to be the best praying mom on this side of the earth. I am prayer, there’s nothing left in me but prayer. You must teach them about God, and the love of God.
All my girls pray together, they live together, and they are happy together. They plead the blood of Jesus over there lives, and they lay hands on there situation. I let them know, I can’t help you in your pain, but I can pray with you. Now my daughters are all grown up. I don’t have to worry about them. They know how to to pray and reach God all by themselves. God has made a way for me to help others in need. Teach your children to pray, prayer is the only thing that works.
Take the time and pray with your child. Having a spiritual connection with my daughters is the most beautiful thing a mother could have. That is the greatest of all.
God Bless
The Teacup Ministry Inc.


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