By now I should know to trust in a friend. If God has bless you with a trust worthy friend, why do we let others make comments about them, when we know that in the spirit, that God has put this person in your life to pray with. I stand up for my true friend, if somone says something navgative about my friend. I rubuke my mind and say, God this is not what you show me about this person. I have learn great many things when it comes people. They think they know every thing. I have learn that if you want share your thoughts with your family and friends. I suggest to you, STOP! They are going say everything you don’t want to hear. My advice, is just keep everything yourself , and take it to The Lord in prayer. why? Do we do this, we know God has spoke to us, and we still doubt him. People will make you think the worst about someone they don’t even know.
They will have you thinking your friend is the worst enemy in the world. If you are one of those that talk about your friend with someone that does not know them, you are headed down hill. Do not discuss your friend with anyone that does not know your friend as you do.
Im going to ask God to help me in the area of not discussing my friend with anyone. If I have a problem. I will discuss this with my friend and God. You can be lead to false comments about someone you really love. And at the same time, you can ruin your friendship with them. Be careful about who you sit with to discuss your friend, People are jealous. The enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy.


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