In my past I use to always look for people to pray with. Thinking God couldn’t hear my prayers without someone being there. Not true, yes he said, where there’s two gather in his name, he is in the midst. Glory to God! I’m here to tell you, seek God with your own purpose in life. All the tell tellers, don’t want you have anything anyway. Gathering groups of people for prayer, those days are over for me. God has me now, where I can reach Him just by calling his name. I’m not putting anyone down. It’s just most people are real flaky with there walk with Christ. If I’m going to hook up with someone, they got to be strong in the Word of God. In all my years I have met only one person that stand on the word of God, we must help each other in the Word of God.
The Word of God, as to be back up with The Supernatural Power! I’m glad that I can lay hands on myself and declare healing in my life. O Yes, you can reach God all by yourself. I’m a praying woman, what ever I need the MASTER takes care of me. Don’t spend your life feeding off someone. Looking for prayer parters, all they do is talk about you soon as you leave. Learn to go to the throne of God for yourself. All the prayers that has been answer in my life,is when i was alone with God. GLORY TO GOD, HE IS MY ROCK AND MY SALVATION. I FEEL A PRAISE COMING ON IN MY SPIRIT!!!!! Jesus is my daddy, he is the one who supplies all my needs. He is my very presence help, in the times of trouble. Jesus is the way maker. STOP, LOOK, AND PRAY!
I want encourage you today, stop looking for help in all the wrong places. Jesus is right where you are.

God Bless you
Teacup Ministry Inc.


One response to “LEARNING TO PRAY ALONE”

  1. Now i know what you meant by saying god wants me alone

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