I love JESUS with all my heart, but he never said, I couldn’t be free to feel beautiful. I’m a Mother , a grandmother, housewife, and God fearing woman.
Yes I’m saved, but I’m also a beautiful woman, that loves being a woman. There’s nothing wrong with feeling sexy, there’s nothing wrong with dancing by the ocean, being free, to be me.
I’m going to be me, God wants us to be happy and free! Don’t let the dull life, rob you of your joy! I love The Lord, he said, to me, be joyful and free. I want to love me, and be happy and free!
I feel beautiful, it’s the way to be, let yourself go and be free! Yes I love Jesus, and He loves me. Be yourself. Let go of all the horrible things of this life. I want to stand by the ocean, and collect sea shells, I want to stand on top of the highest mountain, and lift my hands in the air and say, Thank You Lord, that i’m free. Free to dance, free to laugh, free to speak my mind, free tell the world, I will be me.
We must stop trying to live as others want us to. Love yourself. The only way you can truly love you, is by having Jesus first. Without knowing Jesus, you will never know who you are.

I’m FREE, Thank The Lord, I am Free, no longer bound, no more chains holding me. PRAISE THE LORD I AM FREE!


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