I didn’t know what a best friend was, until God gave me one. And not only a best friend, but a friend that love Jesus. At my age I thought trying to seek a true spiritual friend, was somethIng that just Didn’t happen anymore. Life can be so disappointing, not nothing who you can trust, because people are in your life to talk about you, or run your life in the ground.
I have went to God on many occasion crying to him, saying, why me JESUS, Im I not a wonderful person. God took away all the people in my life, that I thought were my friends. I was alone for about two years. Yes it was just me and God.
I can remember praying, like it was yesterday. Father please give me a friend that truly love you, and have a heart for the people. A friend I can rely on, someone that I can cry to, and tell me Trinda, You must have faith. When I’m mad or angry, and my best friend, says Trinda check your HEART.
A spiritual friend that you pray for, and they pray for you. And you share pain together, so much pain it feels like life itself has no meaning. Friends that you will die for. Spiritual true friends come very rare. Or to say, true friends are not in this world today. I have learn to pray for everything. Yes I pray to God to send me,not just a best friend, but friend that truly loves Jesus. If you have a friend that truly loves The Lord. Then you truly have a friend that loves you.
Yes God answer my prayer, he gave me what I’ve been asking for. And guess where my best friend in the whole world is, Africa!
I don’t see my friend like you do everyday. But I feel him in my heart. Even when he’s so far. When I think about him, I laugh has though we were sitting having tea together. If you don’t have a spiritual Friend, pray like I did, and God will answer your prayers. It may not be a friend on your job, or your next door neighbor, Or someone you go to the movies with. Lol, we never know how God will work things out.

My best friend in the whole world.

The Teacup Ministry Inc.


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