Life troubles is just the way life was made. Sometime we bring trouble on ourselves, and most of the time trouble fines us. I know everyone that God puts in my life, it is to use, my best ability with Gods help to restore and love them in ways that only come from God.
I know in my heart, I set out to do the best I can, to love and keep Gods word in my mouth and in my heart. Everyone that speaks the word of God, does not necessarily love God. The real love of God is forgetting about yourself, and loving and doing for others.
Jesus is love. I know all the commandments are there. Those are the laws of the Bible. Now I’m not saying forget about law, I’m saying, do best you can to love and be like Christ. Jesus is love nothing, but love. It is the love of Jesus, that’s makes you whole.
We must be able to reach souls with love first, and then tell them about the law. There’s a old saying, you have to clean a fish before you cook it. We as the people of God must do the work of God in genuine love.
After so much pain in churches, and so call friends, I studie the word of God for myself. You will never know the true love of Christ unless you SEEK HIM, in everyday living. Don’t let the past of disappointments and hard knocks, keep you from the love of God. It can be hard loving others that spit in your face. Run your name in the ground, and love setting out to destroy you. The love of God covers sin itself. Being in the love of God is what teaches us how to love others that do us wrong. When I was growing up, I love getting into fights, in school on the jobs, everytime mother look up, She was at the school, because I was in a fight with someone. Really, I stay in trouble all the time.
I grew up with no love, my family, they were all drunks, and they just love to drink, and raise hell. All I’m trying to say is, don’t hold on to your past, it can make you very bitter. And guess what you will raise bitter children. The love of God is so important to have in life. He teaches us, to have genuine hearts for others. Love is what will get you in heaven. Not the Ten Commanments.


The Teacup Ministry Inc.


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