It’s not easy putting God first, if you never had to it. I have been wanting to put me first lately for awhile now. Well there’s a big price you have to pay, when you are not OBE. To Gods Word. I honesty can say, sometimes I want do my own thing. Really want to say the HELL WITH THIS, I WANT TO LET MY HAIR DOWN! I have done some bad things in the past in my younger years, that I know it was God that was watching over me, And spared my life. When we fall weak to any temptation, we must call on the name of Jesus. I’m going to be honest, I will call on the name of Jesus for hours, and raise up off the floor. Before the day is over with, That very same thought that was in my head, earlier, was back again, riding my back.
When I’m on my knees praying to God, asking him to remove the thought of sin from me. Why does it come back? I will tell you why? Deliverance does not come in 30 minutes of prayer, it does not come in 1 hour of prayer…. We have to stay before The Lord at all times. We can’t deliver ourselves. We need God daily.
GOD FIRST. I use to think, I was missing out on all the fun. Cause I had to be OBE, to God. God is unspeakable joy.
Seeking Gods face, is the only true joy you can have .

Dear Jesus
I love you, help me not to be concern of things, of this world .

The Teacup Ministry Inc.


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