I love to praise God. I shout all day long when It comes to praising God. I’m happy That God is still in the business of freeing his people out of the lions den. It’s one thing I do know, God just keep on blessing me, over and over again. Let me tell you. When it seems like everything is going to crumble. That’s when God is at work. I’m going to DANCE and SHOUT my way right to the top. You don’t have to be in church to have victory. You can have victory right in your home. I dance and shout all over my house. I tell that devil. Get out mind, get out my car, get of my house. You will not make me look like a fool. God is with me, he prepares a table right before all my enemies. He has great and wonderful things in store for me. GOD IS THE LIGHT OF MY SALVATION, HE HEARS MY CRY.
He tells me, I’m your Father. My sweet little Angel. Don’t cried I have store up treasures for you. Let me have my way with you. Cast all your burdens on me. I see all things. If I feed the birds in the sky. Won’t take care of you. I am happy with you. May good and faithful servant. Go and Reach the stars there’s a blessing waiting for you. To all the the praying mothers that feel like that can’t move on. YES YOU CAN. Don’t ever give up on your life. You must move Shout and dance on the devils head, cause VICTORY, Is already yours. When get knock down. I come back fighting even harder. IN THE END YOU WILL WIN!

God bless
The Teacup Ministry Inc.


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