Life is hard if to you are not in Christ. It is Christ that sustain us. God wants us to be honest with him. Deliverance comes when you tell the true about who you really are. You may can fool the people,  and wear a different face on the out side, but you are surely unhappy on the inside. It is sad, when a Person have to pretend there somthing, and there not. I find out in my walk with Christ, if you really want to be free in life, Pull the MASK off your face! People use the word of God, to hide all there serects. They even sit in churches acting has though they are so Holy, and yet need to be deliver. I don’t have a problem exposing who I am. Secrets can cause you to hinders your blessing in God. What are you struggle with, and don’t want to let go of it. I have met so many people in my life that know the word of God like the back of there hands. The ones that are always telling you to get it right. Are the main ones doing there dirt in the closet. Who are you, like the picture on my wall. Three shades of colors. What are you hiding in the darkness. Trust me what ever it is, it will to come the light. Are you FAKE!
Always remember this, a person that tells you they don’t Sin, that a a lie, from the pits of HELL! Wow it’s sad went someone puts the blame on you, for there short comings. I don’t want to be like this person on this picture. Your insides are being eaten away.
Past pain can have you looking like this. Stop throwing words at people. And really take a good look in the mirror, do you really know who you are.. We must totally depend on God.. There a saying. My babysitter years ago you to say to me. YOU GOT ME ONCE, YOU GOT ME TWICE. I BE DAMN IF YOU WILL GET ME THE THIRD TIME!. No one is perfect in The Lord. Be true to yourself. Quit hiding behind verses in the bible then doing your dirt at night. God sees every move we make. Love yourself, and learn when you make a mistake. Please don’t beat yourself down. God loves us. Don’t let know one make you feel guilty for your past sin. Don’t be like the picture. Having so many different faces, people and friends don’t know who you are. I hope I have help someone today. I surely have help myself.

sometime you will be bitten and don’t feel it
Until later.
Today’s word: be so ever Careful to wear only the face of God.

The Teacup Ministry Inc.


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