When all hell break loose give God the Glory! When your back is up against the wall, give God the Glory! When you friend has hurt you give God the Glory! When the Enemy is on you track, give God the Glory! When things don’t turn out the way you want them to, give God the Glory! When you don’t have money in your pocket give God the Glory! When you have know one to talk to give God the Glory! Giving God the Glory in every situation, will put you on top of a mountain, every time. I have come to find out when ever you get and attack from the enemy. I mean, those ones that you don’t see coming . The ones that knock you OUT, and you are down for the count. You are swollen around the eyes from crying so much. Cuz this KNOCKOUT! Truely almost made you go under. What ever evil try to ruin the plans God has for you. It won’t work cuz God is standing in your corner.
Sometime what we think we need. God will move it for our good and his Glory. I thank God and give him praise for a new beginning. Anytime he moves something out of your life it is to protect you. From the very thing you thought was good for you.
Give God the Glory, and shout for freedom! Hallelujah give him Praise!

God Bless
The Teacup Ministry Inc.


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