I have been up for two days now, praying and praying about the same things for eight months. I mean the same prayers over and over again. You would think I’m a crazy bug, I really want God to do something in my life, that can’t do on my own. I don’t live pray. I am Prayer. I pray all day and all night. My daugther always say to me, mom, when are you going to lie down and sleep. I would respond, darling mommie is going to sleep right now. And she will yell from her room yep right, and we both will just start aughing. Don’t ever get tried of praying. Pray is the golden key for healing , comfort in a storm. And peace and joy. I know when I usally pray for hours and days, my breakthrough is coming.
We must pray and believe that our prayers will be answer. When I’m going through fear or doubt I read Psalm 91. Sometimes I will read it every day until,it falls in my spirit. I’m far from being like, I have it all together, not true. It is prayer that sustain me.
Prayer heals you everywhere you hurt. I want To do great things for the people and the ministry. Always remember, if you don’t have any thing else. You have prayer. Use it, with a clean heart. And God will do great things for you.


The Teacup Ministry Inc.
Be Bless I’m praying for you.


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