I was ten years old, when I got Saved. But has I got older,I left the church for a great many years in my life. I came back at the age of thirty eight. How I remember that, I was breast feeding my baby at the time. Church service was so long at my brothers church, My breast use to fill up with milk and pain me so bad, cuz it was getting near to go home and feed the baby. O, by the way, it was a bottle there in case I didn’t make it Lol.
I got saved In a baptist church, at young tender age. But it was the pentacostal church were I encounter the presence of God. Sometimes church could go four hours top and some, In the pentacostal church. It’s funny now when I look back on some things. I where jeans to church now. I would never but on a pair jeans for church, the women said, it was a sin to wear pants to church. And you better not show up without stocking on your legs, and sandals on your feet. Wow! My dress had better be five inches pass my knee. I raise my kids the same way that the church raise me. My kids couldn’t where jeans at all on Sunday for church. And they had to wear stocking at very young age also.
I believe in my heart, if you are cover up and look nice and lady like. I don’t see what the problem is. I started letting my girls wear jeans, and guess what, they still love JESUS. It’s a holiday, I wear my swimsuit, I’m not going to any cookout at the beach with a Long dress on and pants. Yes I love God. But if you want to put on a swimsuit for the beach, then do it. It does not make you unlady like. You must not worry about what people think. Go and have fun. I wear my swimsuit. I feel so good and pretty. Be free let yourself shine with happiness and joy! This is all for the CHURCH FOLK!

Wisdom is in
the presence of the
one who as understanding

The Teacup Ministry inc.


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