I have been crying today, not because I’m weak, I cry because I care. I’m always concern about others SOULS.

    I cry because, I want God to know that what ever I’m asking Him to do, he hears it in my cry. I cry when I pray, because I love Jesus so much. We must stand on the word of God even when the enemy attacks. Yes it’s hurts when you are nice, and people still treat you like a door mat. You must bite your tongue. Words Hurt. People think because you love God so much, you a weak person. Calling on God is very important. Share your feelings with Christ. Prayer always makes me feel better . I surrender my all to God.

    The Teacup Ministry inc.


2 responses to “GOD SEES EVERY TEAR”

  1. my email address is laetitia_888@yahoo.com. You can find me in LinkedIn, a professional site. I’ll look you up on fb. God bless you too.

    1. I was on linkedin, but cancel it you can find on fb. My blog is connect with fb.

      Regina littlejohn. Teacup ministry, you cant miss me im long with an afraican dress on my cover page. With big hair please send a friend request. I will be back in Kenya in Aug.

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