It’s Friday, and you are looking at the clock , and saying, I can’t wait to get out of here. What a week, O these people have gotten on my last nerve! Even when you leave your job, there is always going to be something in life that get under your skin. Rather it be at your job, at home, or the highway stuck in traffic. It’s always something that make you want to say Lord why me? Life is not a bed roses. Life is a bed of thorns. We have to lick our wounds everyday until healing comes. When you leave your Job don’t leave angry, because if you do, you will go back angry. When sitting at your desk. Breath deep, and pray to The Lord, and ask Him to get you through your day. It is not your job you hate it is the people you work with you have a problem with. People are going to be just who they are. You pray and ask God to help you be the bigger person in that situation. Take the weekend, and make yourself feel great. NO! I don’t mean shopping. Look into your heart and search for the very thing you been wanting to do. AND DO IT! Don’t feel guilty cause you want to take time with you. I pray that we come to know, that life is what you make it. That’s means make plans for your weekend. Don’t spend your weekend on the phone talking about the girl over at the next desk. Get out of the clicks. Make God your your friend, he’s the best. You can tell Him anything, and you dont have to worry about Him spreading it through out the work place.
Don’t expect anything from anyone, people can’t help you. They just want to know your business. The work place and church is the hardness place to fine true friends. I don’t look for friends anymore.
God is all I need for any problem. You know, how I know this. After so many disappointments from friends, and lets not leave Out family. I became very drain trying to love people that didn’t love me. So I love them, but I don’t attach myself to them. Meaning. Be nice, love everyone, don’t get caught in the day, listening to things are just dirt and waste. Make yourself available for God. You will have more PEACE and JOY!

The Teacup Ministry Inc.


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