I wanted to write about this three days ago, but I was thinking about how people may feel about this Topic. In ministry you much say what God say, and not worry about how others my feel. In the Bible Jesus is aways talking about giving. Not for me,  but for the needy. Why, when a subject is being discuss about giving. Everyone gets upset.

I’m going to help you much as a can on how to get your blessing from giving. Do you know its a fact that some people have the gift of giving. Others may have the gift of singing, the gift of speaking in tongues. The gift of preaching, teaching….. Now I know everyone does not like to give. It is giving that increases your blessings from God. Giving, blesses your children. Giving opens up other doors for God to work in your behalf.

When I started this ministry I was broke. God has been providing. I sold all of my clothes and things out of my home to help others. I’m talking about things, I never though I would part with. We must have the heart for the needy. If God has bless us we should bless others.  I will be going to Kenya next month. To ALL THE BLOG READERS PLEASE IF YOU CAN HELP ME TO HELP SOMEONE  ELSE, PLEASE DO SO.  God will bless you for it. I’m working alone, and I’m going alone, the ministry also needs a helping hand. This ministry is new. I’m trying to meet the basis needs for  others .

Dear lord please touch the people hearts to give to The Teacup Ministry Inc.  Jesus let them see it’s for the good of the people. I need help from others to help with the needy. Open you hearts to GIVE.


The Teacup Ministry Inc.


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