imageWe all go through so many things in life. Wondering if God hear our prayers. Lets talk about FAITH. Without faith you can not please God. Faith plays a big factor in your walk with God, and trusting in His Word. I don’t care how much you are praying, if you do not have faith prayer is not going to work. Faith, faith. Every thing I have was through may faith walk. Your faith must meet with God. Faith is hoping and believing in something you can not see. But your faith in God is believing it going to come to past.

When all hope is gone, you have FAITH. Yes, the enemy will try to mess with your mind, to make you think God is not real. I pray for two boys  in Indian. I love those two boys so much. One is sixteen and the other seventeen.  Getting them to believe there is a God, is a great work for Me. They tell me God will not give them anything . You could not imagine  how this hurts my heart. They will get mad at me even if  mention Gods name. I still pray for  those two boys. I want them to know the goodness of The Lord.

You must have FAITH to please God. If you don’t have faith, It’s all for nothing. I will pray today for all that do not have faith.  It is your Faith in God that gets all your prayers answer.

The Teacup Ministry Inc.


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