Goodnight everyone, has you lay your head on the pillow only think on the goodness of God. Not your job, not who made you angry today, and don’t worry about the ones that didn’t do any work at all. This is your time with The Lord. Make the best of it. Cry, do want ever it takes to free yourself before you fall to sleep. I love flowers. They say a lot of things. When I look at this, it makes me feel very soft and refreshing. Explore and see how you can relax at the end of your day. Prayer is great. But look for others thing to do. You must try to feel good about yourself. That means,getting involve with YOU!
I will pray now: Father God I come to you thanking you for all you have done in my life. I’m not perfect. But I will try not to let people on my job, make me say things I really don’t mean. Thank you for loving me just the way I am. Now God please help me to turn everything over to you. Let me always be the light, In a dark place. Now that I have came to you with may problem, I am FREE from all hurt and pain. Thank for your grace and mercy. I am NOW FREE, AMEN


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